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Loitering in the Tubes

Posted by popwheel on June 12, 2008

Last night I was doing a bit of online “research”. You know the type where you start off with every intention of investigating a topic or just checking your email and before you know it you’re hip-deep in Celebrity Gossip and your eyes are so dry that you can hear yourself blink. Take a peek at this site the next time you are “checking your email”. This artist, who calls herself “14”, posts satirical commentary along with her own original artwork on Gallery of the Absurd. Her illustrations are really quite lovely and some available to purchase:

Enough with the dirt! Here’s some recent additions to my shop:

Foggy-Day Flowers — Original Watercolor ACEO/ATC

I really like the background of this little painting–yellow and gray is surprisingly soothing to me.

I also created an ACEO of this little Raven.  He looks ready to steal shiny metal objects.

Thieving Raven — Original Watercolor ACEO/ATC

Red Flowers — Original Watercolor 8×10″

I love how the red flowers really seem to pop off the white of the paper on this painting.


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