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Sick Kitty :-(

Posted by popwheel on July 7, 2008

One of my furry babies is sick!  In fact, we’ve been told that he’s probably not going to survive.  We took him to the vet’s office on Thursday of last week and finally made the decision to bring him home yesterday.  Partially because they didn’t have overnight care on Sunday night, but also because I don’t want him to spend any more of his time in a cage.  So right now he’s sitting at his favorite window watching the birds and squirrels outside.  I have an ice pack on him and the air conditioning is turned up trying to bring down his temperature.  He’s also getting lots of pets and kisses.  *sigh*


One Response to “Sick Kitty :-(”

  1. jason said

    sorry to hear about your little one….i too have a new/sick kitty….who needs medical care,but i cant afford it ….so im keeping a close eye on him….anyway i hope,your little one is not suffering…im sure he/her is very thankful to have you,,,to take care of him or her needs…

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