where do all the missing left socks go?

About Me

I went to Art school…studied printmaking…got a degree…now I work as a software developer and system administrator for a large multinational corporation.

omg how’d that happen?!?

So now in my spare time, I break free from my corporate shackles by creating art.

Currently my favorite medium is collage–specifically altered art collage. I like working with vintage images and materials. I also really enjoy linocut and blockprints. Currently, I’ve also been working with digital collage and various print techniques.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. kristinamoore said

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m pysched to see your blog. I also studied printmaking in college along with art history and now I have to do jobs that have nothing to do with it. It’s fun to see your work and that you have a place to shop for it. I may do likewise. I will add you to my blogroll for sure.

    Ciao for now & happy printing.

  2. Julie said

    Your work is beautiful. I love your sense of colour.

  3. Ken Samson said


    I would like to advertise Smith+Noble’s window blinds and shades website on your blog. Please contact me for further details.

    Thanks for your audience. I hope to hear from you.


    – Ken.

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