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Posted by popwheel on July 17, 2008

Some mornings my favorite invention is the “brew delay” alarm clock feature on my coffee pot.  That way when I stumble out into the kitchen all bleary-eyed, I can grope around in the cabinet for a mug and pour myself some of the magic elixir quickly.  I can’t handle tasks that require any amount of dexterity—like trying to separate out just one coffee filter from the stack.  Now if I can only remember to set it up the night before!!!

Here are a few of my latest paintings currently available in my shop:

Gray Poppies on Pink -- Original Watercolor 8x10

Gray Poppies on Pink — Original Watercolor Painting 8×10″

Cold Dead Flowers — Original Watercolor Painting 8×10″

Underwater Flowers — Original Watercolor Painting 4×6″

Underwater Flowers — Original Watercolor Painting 4×6″


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Hooray For June!

Posted by popwheel on June 5, 2008

You would hardly know it’s almost Summer here in Portland–it was drizzly and gray again today (which I love!). I’m happy it’s June because my daughter (Pink Ninja Girl) will be out of school in just a week. My mom is planning a trip with my younger niece to visit the baby. They’ll be able to stay for longer than an overnight trip this time. I’m hoping we’ll be able to go and stay at my parents’ house several times this Summer as well.

Oscar is about 4 months old now! He’s developing well and finally…FINALLY giggling. I know it’s right on schedule and all but I’ve been anxiously awaiting this milestone. It’s my favorite time! There really is nothing quite like baby smiles and giggles.

I’m pretty sure that I’m experiencing something that a lot of other new SAHMs deal with–it’s like a form of culture clash. If you had told me a year ago that I would use the phrase, “So we were watching Baby Einstein today…” in a sentence, I would have thought you were nuts. Life just keeps changing! However, I draw the line at Barney.

Over the weekend I got the urge for homemade scones. I served them with freshly brewed coffee and blackberry jam. Yummy!

Scones and Coffee

I have listed a new print in my shop. This is an 8×10″ print of my original watercolor illustration featuring a trio of dandelion flowers against a vibrant pink background. I really like the texture in the pinks:

Pink Dandelions

… and here’s what it looks like framed …

Framed Print

PinkDandelions — 8×10″ Print of Watercolor Painting

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