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Full of Cuteness and Babyness!

Posted by popwheel on May 8, 2008

It’s been another gray-sky day here in beautiful Portland. I love the rain! I’m guessing that the squirrels like it too because they are out in droves today and looking rather feisty. My backyard is a miniature forest and from my studio I can see them running and chasing each other from branch to branch. The squirrels we have in this neighborhood are just ginormous! I see them tightroping on a telephone line which runs through our backyard causing it to bow dangerously toward the ground. This little forest also has lots of robins which is why these birds tend to show up in my art a fair amount.

Here’s a brief moment of ooey-gooey cuteness:

On another note, I listed this new watercolor painting last night in my shop (although I admit, it’s not as cute as the baby):

Grape-a-licious Flowers — Original Watercolor ACEO


One Response to “Full of Cuteness and Babyness!”

  1. I love this ACEO too! Reminds me of a Spring rain (kind of like we’re having here on the East coast today). My lilacs are drooping!

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