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Baby Party Hat???

Posted by popwheel on May 4, 2008

What fun it is to have a baby boy! I never realized that changing their diapers could be such a risky endeavor (baby sprinkler!). I’m learning something new every day. We put up these monkeys as targets on the wall over his changing table. He gets 10 points for the bottom monkey, 20 points for the middle, 50 points for the top monkey…but if he hits mom or dad, he gets 100 bonus points! He’s definitely winning this game!

Today Oscar decided to wear his new Pee-Pee Teepee as a Party hat:

After the party Oscar and Johnny Cash decided to take a nap together:

Here is a new watercolor I recently put in my shop. It has a polka-dotted background with stylized red flowers over it. I just love the way that the red flowers in this painting are translucent enough so that you can still see the dots underneath them. That’s one of the most beautiful aspects of watercolors and why I choose to paint with them. I also love to paint with a vivid color pallet and graphical design:

Polka Dot Flowers — Original Watercolor 4×6″


3 Responses to “Baby Party Hat???”

  1. Very cool! I like the contrast of the red against the shades of grey.

  2. and the Oscar and Johnny Cash photo is great too 🙂

  3. Kuky said

    The monkeys are great. 🙂

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