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Pink Ninja Girl

Posted by popwheel on April 30, 2008

I don’t typically post pictures of my teenage daughter online. As her mother I tend to guard her privacy and shelter her from the many varied safety issues posed by the Internet. And yet, I’m still a proud Mommy! So I decided to draw a picture of her instead:

I kid you not…she was dressed like this yesterday afternoon. A few of her favorite things are: Naruto, YouTube, Manga, Cosplay, and Tokyo Urban Style. So she was wearing red and black striped tights, a purple shirt, a long fuzzy scarf, and pink kitty ears. Oh yeah…did I mention she has bright pink hair?

The weekend before last, Pink Ninja Girl went to a fancy-schmancy beauty salon to have her hair cut and colored. It took several hours and she arrived home with mommy-approved hot-pink hair (a weave with dark brown) and this oh-so-cute flippy ‘do!

Ooooo…I’m feeling inspired to do a series of prints with Pink Ninja Girl as the subject. Be watching for a shop update in the near future!

Lately I’ve been making more of an effort to take better photographs of my artwork to use in my shop. People always say that it helps people envision how the artwork will look in their homes before purchasing. The two pictures on the right are framed ACEO/ATCs:


One Response to “Pink Ninja Girl”

  1. Wellll, your daughter is fabulous!!!!!!! haaaa, too cute!!! Love your photos of your space!! Lovely!!

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