where do all the missing left socks go?

Oh Baby!

Posted by popwheel on July 6, 2007

As you might guess from the title–We just recently found out that I’m pregnant!  I began to suspect when the morning sickness hit.  For anyone who has never had the joy of going through morning sickness, I would describe it as a lot like a persistent hangover.  I feel dizzy and fatigued and even the thought of food makes me nauseated.  Yep…just like the morning after a big party.

So…I currently have a daughter who will be 13-years-old when the baby is born.  A teenager and an infant at the same time!  And in a few years I’ll have a “terrible 15” and a “terrible 2” both yelling at me “no”.

Anyway, My boyfriend, daughter, and I are all excited!


One Response to “Oh Baby!”

  1. COngrats!!!! You know, my little brother and I are 13 years apart and I adore him. It was the best thing ever. We both were like only children, we got the best part of our parents at different times. It is great. Now as I am 31 and he is going to be 19, it is great. If you look on my second to the last post, you can see how we are collaborating. I adore him. And, I adored having a baby in the house to love and kiss and cuddle, who I can actually remember…..xxo (There was a middle child, but she is evil, J/K)

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