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Cool Etsy Trick

Posted by popwheel on June 6, 2007

I discovered a little trick the other day.  Perhaps this bit of info is already common knowledge (It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve been acused of being a bit “slow on the uptake”) but I’ll tell you anyway 🙂

This is for people who like to check out their own or others’ Etsy “hearts” but don’t like how infuriatingly slow the little Flash animation can be.  The flash animation is generated from data retrieved from an RSS feed (an XML page).  Which means that you can use any old RSS feed reader to look at this information as well.  The benefit is speed and making information more accessible to you.

There’s actually a series of RSS feed pages I found that you might be interested in:

“See who hearts this shop”

“See who hearts this item”


I marked in blue the numbers which you will need to change.  Copy and paste the URLs into your RSS Feed reader and then change the numbers in blue to either your own user id or a listing id of your choosing.

Here’s one of my latest paintings in my shop:


9 Responses to “Cool Etsy Trick”

  1. El said

    I definitely didn’t know this trick. Do you happen to know how to check who hearts each item without checking each item individually?

  2. popwheel said

    El, I don’t know of a way to do this using any of the feeds I’ve found so far. However, I’m planning on writing my own web app which will take all the separate item heart feeds and make some type of report consolidating the information (Oh man I am such a geek!)

  3. Tola said

    Where did you find the etsy api information from? The RSS feeds they spit out don’t have thumbnails on them so it would be great to be able to get right at the source. We’re developing an app that can pull in various feeds etc. BTW, I’m an artist too, check out: babacom.deviantart.com

  4. mudstuffing said

    BTW – do you know the url to pull favorite sellers?

  5. juln said

    Mudstuffing, it’s the same url.
    it’s at the end of that list, after the fav listings (just figured that out)

  6. Thanks, BTW that “See who hearts this item/shop” doesn’t work anymore, they changed the API. Here’s a list of Etsy API feeds I’ve been able to collect so far. Yup we are all geeks:

    get a listing info:

    get a user info:

    get an image url (pull base url from listing info above, then add the listing id where the xxx is:
    http://images.etsy.com/all_images/7/7f4/824/il_75x75.xxxxxxx.jpg – small image
    http://images.etsy.com/all_images/7/7f4/824/il_430xN.9517309.jpg – bigger image

  7. J said

    Yes, they removed much of the http accessible api functions.
    I wonder why.

    The flash progs now use ‘amfphp’, a database gateway especially for Flash.
    It is not quite so easy to access, but it gives a wealth of data and configurability over the old system.
    I miss the old system, though.

  8. If anybody wants to play with a faux-API I wrote for Python, give this a go:


    It’s based on several of the pointers I found in this post. Thanks!

  9. Amber said

    Did you know you can go to http://www.craftcult.com/heartsitems.php?userid= and then enter your username to get lots of nifty info, like page and items views hearts total, hearts per item, etc.? This site has lot’s of great info on it:)

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