where do all the missing left socks go?

Owl and Umbrella

Posted by popwheel on May 9, 2007

I did some more watercolor painting last night while watching “The Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel. Nope…I didn’t paint any crabs or other sea creatures. Just this lovely little red umbrella and a painting of an Owl. Both of these new paintings are currently available in my Etsy Shop
An umbrella is an item no Portlander should ever be without. Of course, I left mine at home and now it looks like it might actually rain today.

Under My Red Umbrella

I think owls are such cute creatures! When I was a teenager, I stayed part of the summer with a friend at their family’s house in L.A. They had many of these little tiny owls living in all the trees around their yard. The first time I saw them was outside of the bedroom window looking out into the garden, there was a tall skinny evergreen bushy tree directly against the window. There were about 6 teeny-tiny owls perched facing the window totally unmoving. My first impression was that they were wooden garden ornaments–they were just too tiny to be real–and I thought, “Why would someone hide all of these pretty sculptures in the back of the tree?” Apparently, the tiny owls were only dozing in the sweltering mid-day heat. They all suddenly became aware of my presence and began blinking and twisting their necks in a very owl-like fashion. I screamed out an expletive and jumped clear to the ceiling.

Hoot Owl

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