where do all the missing left socks go?


Posted by popwheel on April 30, 2007

So sleepy today. It’s so Mondayish!

My new car is so woooon-derful. I’ve been finding excuses to run errands just so I can go out driving.

I haven’t had a chance to update my blog much this past week since I’ve been terribly busy with work.
So I have saved up several new items from my shop for your perusal:

Citrus Cards — Orange, Lemon, Lime:

Citrus Cards

Citrus Cards

Lime Card shown with Envelope

I love these citrus-y cards. They have the clean lines and designy patterny-ness that I so love. I started out by printing up one onto a smooth white cardstock. However, once I saw how they looked on this textured stock, there was no going back. I think these colors are very modern shades as well.

Windy Day:

Windy Day Print

At the park down the street from where I work, people are out every afternoon. I see them as I’m leaving work–people out playing soccer or throwing the frisbee.
There’s also someone out there every day flying a bright red kite. I’m so jealous!
So I did this illustration of my daughter flying a kite.
I showed it to her and she’s like, “Pffft! That doesn’t look like me!”
and I said, “Yeah, whatever”
and she said, “Talk to the hand”
and I said, “Ha!”
and then she said, “Get outta my roooom!”
and I was all like, “You’re grounded!”

Red Riding Hood:

Little Red Riding Hood


One Response to “Yaaaaaawwwwn!”

  1. Ian said

    I love the cards! The image is wonderfully simple and the paper manages to create a complex feel. Very good work!

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