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Death and Taxes

Posted by popwheel on April 16, 2007

Yippeee…taxes are finally finished!

Nothing else happened for me this weekend but paperwork and more paperwork. Aside from the usual laundry and dishes and other assorted household tasks. The bad news is that I won’t be getting a refund. The good news is that I don’t owe any money either. Somehow last year I managed to balance my tax deductions to the penny–this has never happened for me before.

Today I am at work. I’m posting from a text browser and unable to display any pretty pictures in my post today. So instead I thought that I would offer up a product recommendation. On Friday afternoon, to celebrate getting a new printing press, I ordered a new set of inks from Daniel Smith. At my local art
store they only carry Speedball and it seems that Dickblick also favors this brand. When I was in college, Daniel Smith brand printing inks were the only type we used. They are packaged in metal cans and are very thick especially in comparison to a lot of the printing inks packaged in tubes. Also, the colors are incredibly saturated and a little goes a long way. The professor who taught my printmaking classes in college also owned a print shop that made art prints and this is the brand she used.

I only use Speedball ink when I want to do a quick proof to test a block I’m working on. To me the waterbased ink has a consistency more like tempra paints than ink. Not to mention the fact that the waterbased inks reactivate (smear) if they become wet again.

I would love to hear about other brands of printing inks as well. Let’s hear about your favorites.

My boyfriend was able to move my super-heavy press downstairs. I’ve decided to set it up permanently in my garage. This is attached to my dungeon art studio and it has the added benefit of counterspace and a big laundry tub for cleanup. I think I’ll be shopping around for a heavy-duty work stand that’s about waist high. This means probably something intended for holding machinery. I wonder if Home Depot has something that will work.

Have a good Monday!


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