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Pink Cupcakes!

Posted by popwheel on April 1, 2007

I listed this hand-printed pink cupcake card in my Etsy shop tonight! Since I can’t have the real thing often, I’ll have to settle for these yummy cards:

My cat Salem is really bugging me tonight while I try to type. He’s gotten into the habit of letting me know when it’s time for bed–he’ll jump up on my lap and begin kneading my leg ouch! He’s 3 years old and only discovered how to knead his paws a couple months ago (weird cat!) and now he won’t stop.  Among his other odd behaviors, he also “demands” to watch people take showers in the morning. My boyfriend calls him “Project Cat” because he’s always right there watching people work on projects and ready to lend a paw.  He certainly does make life around here interesting!  I can’t be the only person with a weird cat like this.


2 Responses to “Pink Cupcakes!”

  1. Aisling said

    I have a couple of interesting kitties, but watching people take showers is pretty hard to top for unusual cat behavior! *grin* The photo has vanished from my blog for some reason, but I wrote recently about Tiggy’s favorite napping place: the top of the computer monitor (where it is nice and warm!)

  2. susan said

    i like it! an no calories to boot!

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