where do all the missing left socks go?

Hello Friday!

Posted by popwheel on March 30, 2007

Last night I began working on a new series of hand-pulled block printed stationary. This is a first for me since I have always done printing for things that would be framed not sent in the mail. I’m finding that it’s fun–I’m using colors I wouldn’t normally use and designs that are more ‘cute’ and fun. I finished cutting the blocks for my first set of cards just last night–a pink cupcake. I have been soooo craving pink cupcakes lately and this mostly likely influenced my image choice. They’re just so magical and girly. Here are some pink cupcakes I found around Flickr:

I can assure you that my cupcakes never end up looking so nice. Probably something having to do with smearing the canned frosting on with a butterknife 🙂

So back to work for me. Tonight I plan to cut a block for a second card design which incorporates the same color of pink, both for continuity of the series and because I’m really diggin’ the pink. Then I will print up a batch and post the results here hopefully tonight.


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