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My Very Un-Weekendy Weekend

Posted by popwheel on March 27, 2007

Normally, I love the weekend. Since I work in a structured office all day, all week long, I look forward to (and need) a couple days to relax, clean and organize my life, and of course, create artwork. I do work on art during the week in the evenings, however I just think it’s nice that on the weekend I have daytime hours to work when I’m the most alert and feeling creative. This weekend, however was not one of those weekends. I had so many other things to do that I never got around to many of my usual weekend tasks.

I worked much of the day on Saturday. Then on Saturday Night at about 9:30, right as I was leaving work, it suddenly struck me that my daughter is on Spring Break all this week and I hadn’t yet made plans for her time off. Normally she goes to visit her Grandparents. So I called my mom and made last-minute plans to meet part-way in the middle of the state and do the “exchange” at the designated location.

Sunday morning I dragged my poor child out of bed, announced to her that she was going to see Grandma and stuffed her into the car. She loves DDR music so I was subjected to this overly-cheery Euro dance music for several hours. When we were getting pretty close to the meeting spot, my parents called to say that they hadn’t even left yet, so my daughter and I made a detour into Eugene and went shopping for a couple hours.

At Target we found a set of aqua-colored mugs with an interesting floral embossed pattern for only $2.50 for both! Such a deal! I tried to find a picture of them online without any luck so I will have to post my own photos of my $1.25 each mugs when I get home tonight.

In other news, I’m getting ready to remodel both of the bathrooms at my condo. The upstairs bathroom has plaster walls that are pretty badly damaged. The previous owners punched holes in the walls and then made very sloppy attempts at filling them without bothering to camouflage the repairs into the previous plaster-work. I come from a family of construction-types so I’ve been advised that the best and easiest solution is to grind down the walls and put up wallpaper. Of course, my other option is to sand down all the plaster and redo the plastery finish. Either way, I have to grind down the walls and it’s going to be a powdery mess! I’m considering both options. This bathroom has a pretty average on floor space but is very tall with a vaulted ceiling and a skylight. So it could be a very dramatic selling point whenever I choose to sell and definitely worth the effort and money. Normally, I’m not very fond of wallpaper but recently I’ve seen some that I really like:

Any other ideas for wallpaper sources out there?


One Response to “My Very Un-Weekendy Weekend”

  1. Dana said

    I was on the hunt for good wallpaper, too. That Tapettitalo site was one of the best I came across. There is great wallpaper on ebay but quantity can be a problem when its vintage. We ended up with feature walls! You can also sift through here, some bad, some good:
    good luck!

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