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Come Down to Nowheresville, Daddy-o

Posted by popwheel on March 21, 2007

I’m a big fan of Mod Art–love, love, love it!
If I had to pick just one style of art to do and stick with it for my entire career, mod style art would be it. This may not be totally apparent if you’ve looked at all the many varied styles currently in my Etsy Shop. However, it’s true!

I take my inspiration for these Illustrations from:

  • the classic midcentury custom of Cocktail Parties
  • Martini Lunches
  • Bachelor Pads
  • fashionably dressed ladies with overly-styled-big-hair
  • toy poodles
  • Asian Prints
  • Several years ago, I started a series of illustrations in a mod style. I’ve been sidetracked for quite a while by work and life (sigh). However, I’m back to work on it. This is the first one that I’ve made available in my Etsy shop:

    Saturday Evening Cocktail Party

    I have another illustration that I’m now just putting the final touches on! I can’t wait to show everyone.


    3 Responses to “Come Down to Nowheresville, Daddy-o”

    1. Vanessa said

      Yes!!! Love it! Mod is good!!!

    2. Michelle said

      Ahh wow, I like it!!

    3. mimii said

      I just made an account here, and linked ya =]
      (Im Michelle)

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