where do all the missing left socks go?

Squirrels and Little Girls (oh my)

Posted by popwheel on March 18, 2007

I listed a couple new items this weekend!  Ahhhh…Spring!

This weekend I did quite a bit.  I went to a meeting of other local Etsians to discuss having an art sale.  My boyfriend and daughter and I went thrifting afterwards.  My boyfriend is the king of thrift-shopping.  Until recently, he lived down the street from a ginormous Goodwill distribution center.  This is like a warehouse where they bring all the donations to be sorted out.  So when you go in to shop, pretty much everything is purchased by the pound since nothing has been priced yet.

My cat has just come and jumped on my lap to ‘meow’ at me which is his way of saying “It’s past our bedtime!”  He’s such a big baby!


One Response to “Squirrels and Little Girls (oh my)”

  1. iSew.biz said

    I love that robin print, very pretty. (aren’t all kitties big babies?) I’ve been away from my kitty’s for a year now and I’d do anything to have one jump into my lap right now. 😦 Nice Blog.

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