where do all the missing left socks go?

Promise of a New Day

Posted by popwheel on March 15, 2007

Work on my new website has been very slow. So much going on at my day job that it’s starting to creep into my free time as well. My boyfriend has been really busy too. Tonight I called him at 10pm to say good night and discovered that he was still at work!

I was disappointed to discover that I couldn’t use the Etsy website widget on this blog. WordPress doesn’t allow Javascript on the blogs they host for security reasons. So I devised my own simple widget. It’s just pure HTML.

I discovered a cool time-waster online. I apologize upfront if it prevents you from getting important things done–the dishes can wait!
Ultimate Flash Face

That’s enough of my late-night musings!


2 Responses to “Promise of a New Day”

  1. Kate said

    Jenn check out this project that AzureGrackle over on Etsy started, you should contribute to it too! Printmakers unite!

  2. Vanessa said

    I was totally engulfed in that face maker thing. I was not even swallowing. Just watching and changing and, funny, everyone I created was crazy weird and misproportioned!! What fun!!!! Don’t worry about project finishing, etc. I am moving slow and swamped.. just wading through the mud………But, it seems like good outcomes on the way!!!

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