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Web Development and Computer Design Goodness

Posted by popwheel on March 14, 2007

I had a question the other day from Vanessa (Hi!) asking what programs I use to do digital artwork. It’s actually an interesting answer so I thought I’d post a bit of detail about it.

I’m sure everyone reading this is aware already that the two most popular systems for doing multimedia and digital art are Mac and Windows. This is what all the commercial artist software is made for (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc).  These programs can be quite expensive and require that you buy upgrades every so often if you want the latest and greatest.  This cuts into an often small bottom-line and might prevent artists from experimenting in this medium.

I have never own a Mac and I haven’t used Windows since 2001 when I was about a year into studying for a Computer Science degree and switch completely over to the Linux Operating System.  This is when I discovered “Open Source” software which among other things generally means that they are freely available for use.

So for my Photoshop equivalent, I use Gimp and for my Adobe Illustrator fix, I use Inkscape.  My combined cost for both of these programs is $0!  They work pretty similarly to how Photoshop and Illustrator work, which is to say sometimes the set of steps required to complete a particular task is different but the end result is the same.  Also, these programs are under constant development, so there are regular improvements to the programs.  I have been able to see them improve over time!

Recently, it seems that a lot of these “open source” programs are becoming available for Windows.  So even if you’re not about to become the next uber geek and install Linux, you can still benefit.  Check out the links to Inkscape and Gimp I provided above.  Under the “Download” section on each of these pages, you will find a link to download the Windows file to install.

Of course, many people are loathe to switch programs.  I understand.  I really hate it too.  But sometimes *free* is the best incentive.  These two programs are especially recommended if you’re just wanting to experiment.

Oh!  Did I mention they don’t cost a dime?  Nada!


One Response to “Web Development and Computer Design Goodness”

  1. freelisa said

    Wow. I had no idea there were Illustrator and Photoshop-type programs for Linux. I used Linux back in my college days, but switched to Mac when I graduated. Admittedly, I was lured in by the GUI and convinced to stay by the Unix.

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