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What’s the Dilly Yo?

Posted by popwheel on March 6, 2007

Up until recently, I haven’t had much interest for blogging. However, now that I’ve actually started exploring and searching out other people’s blogs, I am finding some very interesting things that I normally wouldn’t have come across on my own.

For instance, this morning I found this blog. The blog’s author commented on the works of Scott Wade who ‘paints’ his masterpieces in the thick grime of dirty car windows! http://www.dirtycarart.com/gallery
This is fascinating to me

What lovely work he does too:

Here it is being washed away…

Someone should tell him about my car!

Anyway, I wanted to share this artwork since much of my own time creating artwork is spent trying to make things that are sellable, on a flat surface, and meant to last a lifetime if not longer.


One Response to “What’s the Dilly Yo?”

  1. onesorryblog said

    thanks for checking out One Sorry Blog! and commenting! we hope to keep your interest. we should be in full swing in two weeks, when all our contributors will have their shit together. and nice one finding scott wade and dirty car art. keep it up. excuse me now, i have to go get a drink of water.

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