where do all the missing left socks go?

I (heart) Saturday!

Posted by popwheel on February 24, 2007

You know that moment when you wake up thinking you have to hurry up and rush to get ready and then suddenlyrealize that it’s the weekend? I experienced that this morning…and boy is it wonderful! It’s almost as good as calling in sick to play hookey. Of course, I never do that 🙂

I listed 3 new pieces. One here and two here :





5 Responses to “I (heart) Saturday!”

  1. Mitsuki said

    Your blog is really pretty, do you make all this stuff o.O?

    I paint too, but just as a hobbie!

    Thanks for commenting^^

  2. popwheel said

    Mitsuki, Thank you! Yes this is all my original artwork. I have a day job doing something else entirely.
    You just have to keep painting!

  3. Vasilisa said

    I like your art work! I have plenty of rubber stamps, but it never occured to me to combine stamps with water colours. I used to paint with water coulours a lot, but haven’t done so for about ten years. I still have my box and brushes, though, so maybe I should give it a try.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

    You’re very talented, and your finished pieces are lovely. I play about with rubber stamps, making cards and bookmarks, but I can’t draw or paint to save my life!

  5. Vanessa said

    Oooo, looks like your lady painting goidn, oooaaa or aaaaa, yes, maybe it is more of an ooooo…a lightoooo, like when you see a hot woman, man, dress, old lover, and you go , oh-ooooo in a long suave tone. Not that I do that… ANyhow, looks like she just figured out it was Saturday or Sunday too. Oh, but, guess what??? I am late, so it is Monday…. Oh well. Monday can be good. Like, the Monday you won the lottery. Or your aunt that younever heard of left you a studio tons of supplies and a fortune….Now, that is a great Monday. Love the blog!!!Fab.

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