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Spring Snow

Posted by popwheel on February 23, 2007

This morning I woke up to snow! Not very much–medium intensity. Also, it was about 36F and so the snow was a bit slushy and not sticking at all. I live in one of the high spots in Portland (at about 500ft!) so by the time we arrived at my daughter’s school down the hill, there was no sign of it. Portland weather changes so quickly too. I’m still getting used to this. Where I moved from if it was cold, you might expect it to last at least a week and I never watched the weather reports. In Portland, it seems that it’s sunny one day and rainy the next. One of the reasons why I moved to Portland was because I love the rain!

Last weekend was kind of hazy but warm. I looked out my 2nd story window, which looks out into the trees, and saw that the trees were starting to bud and there were lots of little birds out. This whole scene was perfectly silhouetted against the hazy sky. I painted this image in acrylic on paper.  It’s available here:


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