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The Condo

Posted by popwheel on February 19, 2007

My daughter and I moved to Portland (Oregon) 2.5 years ago. For me this is not very long ago. However, for my daughter who is 12, this is *forever*. She was just starting the 4th grade when we moved and now she is in 6th.

We came here from Ashland, Oregon where I grew up. Some of you might recognize Ashland for it’s Shakespeare Festival. When I tell people I’m from Ashland, they always say “Oh what a great place to live, I love the Shakespeare Festival!” and I say, “No…it’s a great place to visit!” Not much to do job-wise if you’re a software developer. Also the dating pool is very shallow which was very tough on a young single gal.

So just a word of advice: If you ever plan on moving to a small town, bring a job and spouse with you.

I bought a condo about a year ago. I love this place! It was built in the early 60s and so still has a lot of the mid-century style which I adore.



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