where do all the missing left socks go?

Welcome to my blog!

Posted by popwheel on February 12, 2007

Hello to anyone who might be reading along. This early in my blog’s history, you’re probably either a friend whom I pestered into giving me feedback on design or you’re a hapless blog reader who just happened to stumble in.

Either way…welcome.

A little something about me: I am a Software Developer and System Administrator of Linux computer systems for a major international corporation living and working in Portland, Oregon. That’s my day job. However, I’m also an artist and sell my work currently on Etsy. You can see my currently listed artwork in my Etsy Shop

So I have two very divergent interests.  I’m not really a left brain or a right brain.  I like to think of myself as more of a “whole brain thinker” 🙂  This blog is going to be devoted only to my creative pursuits.  I have another blog  for writing about geeky things.

I’ll be writing more soon.  I have lots of pictures that I’d like to post.  Hopefully this blog will be visually interesting very soon!


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